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  • 1st, May 2023. The latest V1.05.25t1 for SG8000 is release. 

  • 31th, March 2023. The latest 1.46u is released. 

  • 1st, February 2023. The latest 1.46s is released. 

  • 28th, December 2022
    The 1.46r for 9x00 and V1.05.16t9 for SG8000 is released. 

  • 11th, Nov 2022 
    DIGITIMES MCU forum. 

  • 18th and 20th, Oct 2022
    Nuvoton Seminar.

  • 16th, September 2022
    The latest 1.46p for 9x00 and V1.05.09t5 for SG8000 is released.

  • 4th, May 2022
    The latest 1.46n is released. 

  • 1st, April 2022
    The latest 1.46m is released. 

  • 4th, March 2022
    The latest 1.46l is released. 

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